Brand Spirit

Care, Create, Cherish

Technology is born for human,
And is closely related to our life.
Because we care about people and cherish all things,
we develop the products with well protection.

Brand Story

In Taiwan, there are a lot of inspiring stories and would like to be seen by the world.
We believe even a simple technology can become a great work.
Since 1983, we use simple process for food packaging, cloth packaging,
storage appliances and shoes’ logo.
It is widely included in all aspects of our daily life.

After 30 years, we can do more than before.
The modern technology is made human life more and more diverse.
And there are novel things are created for satisfying people’s needs.
To follow the world trend but also have reverse thinking is important to us.
Therefore, to return the essence of human beings, products and nature,
we choose green material as our main material.

To create well protection for goods, AIR is our main product feature.
It is simple, clear, light and warm as we are.
Perfectly combine High Frequency and Air
to create new things and show our care to everyone.

Brand History

ZIYU ENTERPRISE is founded in 1983. We specialize in high frequency technology.
At beginning, we do simple OEM products.
After we constantly improve our technology and ability, abandon old ideas, take adventures, and learn from failure, we finally successfully develop the three-dimensional and diverse HF shaping.
We mainly produce waterproof and airtight green material products.
Through brainstorming and extension of all applications to obtain many patents.
And it is the backstage driving force for cooperating with world famous brands to develop the products with design and functionality.
From years and years experiences of OEM and ODM, ZIYU decides to move forward to next level. In 2017, we combine two main factors – key technic and OEM model for OBM, and formally introduce ZIYU brand to the world.

Brand Mission

Environmental friendly


Using resources efficiently

Brand Vision

Providing the sincere and humble attitude

with our best green technology to our customers.
Never stop giving our care and cherish to the world.